Vegetable and chicken sausage rolls

If you have fussy kids (or a fussy adult) in your life, then this recipe can trick even the pickiest of eaters! There are more vegetables than meat in this sausage roll, and the trick to hiding the veggies is to chop them very finely so they can’t be picked out, but not to puree or squish the veggies, or it will make the sausage rolls soggy.

The veg are perfectly chopped using a really cool product from Philips called the Pro Mix Opti Chop. Essentially it chops, and as soon as the veg is small it falls through a honeycomb shaped attachment where it is held in storage un1. til all veg is chopped, so it doesn’t get squashed like you would normally get in a food processor (it’s the only machine we’ve seen that does this… pretty cool!)

It’s also important to have really light flaky pastry… so they are best cooked from cold to get the best flaky pastry. We’ve also baked the rolls in an Air Fryer – the circulating air means that the pastry is cooked evenly all over – most ovens tend to burn on top and have soggy pastry underneath.

The best thing about this recipe is that you make LOADS, and they keep brilliantly in the freezer. So it’s great to get the kids involved in some ”arts and crafts” in the kitchen, then have the rolls on hand to cook up for afternoon tea or anytime you want a snack. Remember to store in an airtight container in the freezer to avoid freezer burn – we picked up some great ones from Howards Storage World

Watch us teach Simon and his kids this recipe on Kitchen Rescue on TenPlay


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