Cacio e Pepe: Cheese & Pepper Pasta

You’ve probably seen this creamy cheesy pasta popping up in your social media new feeds if you follow any chefs or foodies. Its having a bit of a moment really, chef David Chang from Momofuku, Bon Appetite magazine and yours truly, are all obsessed with this super easy, delicious pasta that takes less then 10 minutes to make.

Everyone loves a quick recipe but for chefs or cooks in particular, when you’ve finished a long day standing over a hot stove or chopping board, you want something that’s going to satisfy your tastebuds with minimal effort. The parmesan cheese, which has to be freshly grated, is high in natural msg, which means not matter what its going to taste GOOOOOD!

So jump on the foodie band wagon, make this pasta at home, and take a video of the sumptuous sauce and upload it to your social networks and make all your friends drool. This is one foodie craze Id be happy to keep.

*See our tip below on how to make this pasta even better!

Episode 1: Meet Hana

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Her and her husband work full time in advertising, and they’ve recently moved back to Australia from a fast paced life in New York, to raise their growing family. They are an inner west Sydney hipster couple with a young son Alfie and another one on the way, so life is about to get even more busy! Hana admits that she can’t cook to save herself, and the kitchen is a disaster. She is also a busy working mum with full time job, so she wants simple recipes she (and her husband!) can prepare for the family, without resorting to takeaway or pre-made frozen meals. Chocolate is a big part pf her life, and even son Alfie has picked up the habit! Her late grandmother, mum and dad are all brilliant cooks, but somehow the Vietnamese family food traditions got lost along the way, and she would like to get inspired by her heritage.

We’re her to help! Thank you so much Hana for inviting us into your home and helping us show everyday Australians how they can live a better life in the kitchen.


 – Reconnect with family heritage vietnamese

 – Quick meals that the whole family will love

 – Convenient, needs food ready to go from the pantry and freezer, as very little time to shop

–  Feed family somewhat healthy food, but let’s not go too crazy

– The whole family are Chocoholics

– Should have cooking rice in her blood, but always seems to overcook it – disaster!


We created some easy recipes and quick hacks that will inspire Hana to cook more Vietnamese food, feed her chocolate obsession, and add lots of healthy veggies! But most importantly they are quick, easy and family friendly. If you’re anything like Hana, you’ll love our recipes!
Click the links below to try the recipes and kitchen hacks yourself.

Vietnamese Fried Rice

Flourless Chocolate Beetroot Loaf

Vietnamese Shaking Pork

Rescue Rice and make Congee

Cook Fancy Rice with Stock

Two Ingredient Hot Chocolate


Hana’s kitchen is completely disorganised, food and equipment was simply placed wherever it landed when they moved into their new house. In fact, she had no less than 6 different cabinets with pantry items.

As you can see in the before and after shots below, there is just one pantry. Like is grouped with like in easy to pull out storage canisters. Items used every day, such as rice, are kept at eye level. And items used rarely, such as sweets and baking items, are kept up high (although we think the chocolate will be making weekly trips down!)

On top of that, her kitchen work flow was out of whack, causing her to run around the kitchen at least 3 times more than she would if she had better work zones.

We created 3 x work zones:

1. “prep zone” which includes one pantry, a chopping/food prep bench, knives

2. “cooking zone” which included spices/seasoning/oils, the cook top, pots and pans, and a drawer with utensils

3. “cleaning zone” which includes the dishwasher and all table serving ware (cups, glasses, plates, cutlery)

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