Vegetable and chicken sausage rolls

If you have fussy kids (or a fussy adult) in your life, then this recipe can trick even the pickiest of eaters! There are more vegetables than meat in this sausage roll, and the trick to hiding the veggies is to chop them very finely so they can’t be picked out, but not to puree or squish the veggies, or it will make the sausage rolls soggy.

The veg are perfectly chopped using a really cool product from Philips called the Pro Mix Opti Chop. Essentially it chops, and as soon as the veg is small it falls through a honeycomb shaped attachment where it is held in storage un1. til all veg is chopped, so it doesn’t get squashed like you would normally get in a food processor (it’s the only machine we’ve seen that does this… pretty cool!)

It’s also important to have really light flaky pastry… so they are best cooked from cold to get the best flaky pastry. We’ve also baked the rolls in an Air Fryer – the circulating air means that the pastry is cooked evenly all over – most ovens tend to burn on top and have soggy pastry underneath.

The best thing about this recipe is that you make LOADS, and they keep brilliantly in the freezer. So it’s great to get the kids involved in some ”arts and crafts” in the kitchen, then have the rolls on hand to cook up for afternoon tea or anytime you want a snack. Remember to store in an airtight container in the freezer to avoid freezer burn – we picked up some great ones from Howards Storage World

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Rice, Quinoa & Feta Salad

Cooking for one can sometimes be boring, but before you reach for the takeaway, why not try our five minute salad? It’s packed full of protein and superfoods, with yummy eggs, quinoa, and delish feta so it’s a much healthier dinner than your average takeaway. It’s also a fab office lunch, you can whip it together in your kitchenette and make all your work colleagues jealous!

The best thing about this meal? No waste… the microwave rice is perfectly portioned for one, as is the cubed feta, and you can even use the oil from marinating the feta as a dressing!

Restaurant Perfect Rice Hack

Sticky, squishy rice is the worst! Use good quality rice every time you cook, as well as our 3 top tips to make sure your rice is never sticky again.

  1. Always use the correct proportions: 1.5 parts water to 1 part rice white rice, by volume not weight. Or if you’re cooking cooking brown rice, use 2 parts water. Rice cooks by absorption, so too much liquid will make your rice overcooked and gluggy.
  2. Don’t stir while it’s cooking, if you stir hot rice, you break the grains and release the starches, making it sticky
  3. Fluff gently with a fork after it has finished steaming off the heat with the lid on.


Episode 2: Meet Pete

Bachelor Pete lives by himself and like so many singles, finds cooking for one miserable and wasteful. He usually grabs takeaway or heads down to the pub instead, where he devours his dude food favourites – schnitties and chicken wings.


Pete does try to be healthy, so when he does cook at home it’s the same, repetitive dish – steamed chicken and veggies or salad. Although it’s healthy, it can be boring, but he just doesn’t have the basic cooking knowledge or confidence to try something different.  To counteract some of the naughty meals he has at the pub, Pete often resorts to potions and pills to get his nutrient levels up to scratch.


His mum is a great cook, but despite her efforts to teach him, Pete just wasn’t interested in learning. Now that he lives interstate he doesn’t get to see his mum very often, and really regrets not spending more time with her in the kitchen and learning the basics.


As a bachelor, Pete has found that girls want to date guys that can cook! He’s looking for some simple but impressive recipes to treat a special someone on date night, and perhaps even impress his mum.


Pete’s surname is ‘Cook’… but he’s admitted it should be ‘can’t Cook’. We are here to the rescue, to turn him into Pete CAN Cook!


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  Single guy, girls want a man that can cook

– Healthy, likes to keep fit

– Shake it up, wants to get out of boring routine of grilled chicken and veg every night

 – Loves dude food, but doesn’t cook it often as he’s scared it’s unhealthy

 – Cooks for one, wants easy recipes to throw together for one

 – Pete cook, who can’t cook, needs to learn some basics, and has no basic equipment

 – Lives on takeaway


We wanted to show Pete that cooking for one doesn’t have to be boring, so this quick Quinoa, Brown rice and Feta salad is perfect for weeknight meals or office lunches. In fact, it requires no cooking at all! Cooking dude food for one is easy with our Quick Chicken Parmy too.

And when it comes to dude food, Pete can invite his mates over instead of going to the pub. He can easily treat them with our healthy buffalo wings and a pimped out burger with blue cheese.

For date night, there’s nothing easier and healthier than our Korean brown rice superfood bowl with salmon, with a good kick of chilli to help spice things up.

Pete also learns a basic skill that everyone should master – how to cook perfect fluffy rice, every time


Try these recipes and kitchen hacks yourself:

Korean Brown Rice Bowls, Salmon, Chilli Sauce

Brown Rice Quinoa & Feta Salad

Air Fried Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce

Black & Blue Burger


Pete’s kitchen was neat, but empty. His pantry literally only had nuts and vitamins, his fridge had one crumb of cheese, and he had hardly and pots or pans. So we hooked him up with a pantry full of essentials to get him started on cooking more at home.

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Black and Blue Cheeseburger

Black n Blue isn’t just the colour of your body after an amateur MMA fight – it’s a super delicious burger from the deep south of America. Blackened spice is a blend that was invented in New Orleans to go with fish, but it’s absolutely delish on any meat – the trick is dry rub the meat and fry in butter, to get that smokey burnt spice & brown butter flavour.

This recipe makes extra, keep the spice mix in a labelled airtight jar in the fridge.

By adding a slice of Burger Blue cheese you can pimp out this classic burger for the perfect dude food dinner… why not invite your mates around to watch the footy?


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