Slow cooking meats

Like many men, Greg loves meat, especially slow cooked pulled meat. It’s fantastic for people with busy lifestyles, as it can be cooked, then re-heated at will.

There are specific types of cuts which work well for slow cooking, and others which you should avoid (like chicken breast, eye fillet, or any type of loin cut). The best cuts tend to be harder working muscles with more fat and sinew. Not only do they have more flavour, but are also much cheaper.

Try: pork (shoulder, belly, trotters, ribs or neck), beef (cheek, brisket, oxtail, short rib,  or chuck), chicken (thighs, drumsticks), lamb (shanks, shoulder or forequarter), or even less common meats such as kangaroo tail.

When slow cooking, you need to show the meat some love. We love using the Philips all in One because it can sear the meat at a high temperature as well as either slow cook or pressure cook. Searing the meat is important to developing flavour complexity – the brown caramelisation is called the maillard reaction. I prefer to use the pressure cooking function after that, as a general rule set the machine to ⅓ of the normal cooking time. This means you can have lamb shanks falling off the bone in 45 minutes, meltingly tender chicken thigh in just 15, or pork shoulder in 40.

And the best thing? Set and forget… once the machine is working you can go and you your own thing… like watch the footy, Greg!

Watch us teach Vanessa and Greg this recipe on Episode 4 of Kitchen Rescue on TenPlay

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