Chocolate avocado mousse

Did you know that chocolate originated in South America? This traditional chocolate dessert from Brazil contains a surprise healthy ingredient – avocado. Use very ripe avocados, it’s a great way to use up squishy ones from your fruit bowl. We promise – not one will realise that it’s in there!

As there are only a few ingredients in this simple dessert, you need to use the best quality chocolate and we LOVE Callebaut… it’s the chocolate that all the chefs in fancy restaurants use! We’re using the 54% callets, they are super easy to melt in the microwave (you don’t need a bain marie) and they are dark without being too dark and bitter – so kids and adults will both love this dessert.

And don’t forget to add a pinch of salt to any dessert, it really brings out the flavour.

For stockists of Callebaut call (02) 9669 2211

Watch us teach Simon and his kids this recipe on Kitchen Rescue on TenPlay

Korean Brown Rice Kim Chi & Fish

Date nights can be tricky… finding food that both parties will enjoy is key. “Bowls” are very trendy at the moment so they are sure to impress, and this Korean inspired version is a source of whole grains, protein, fibre, and essential vitamins & minerals… so not only is it tasty, but good for you too.


Rice, Quinoa & Feta Salad

Cooking for one can sometimes be boring, but before you reach for the takeaway, why not try our five minute salad? It’s packed full of protein and superfoods, with yummy eggs, quinoa, and delish feta so it’s a much healthier dinner than your average takeaway. It’s also a fab office lunch, you can whip it together in your kitchenette and make all your work colleagues jealous!

The best thing about this meal? No waste… the microwave rice is perfectly portioned for one, as is the cubed feta, and you can even use the oil from marinating the feta as a dressing!

Restaurant Perfect Rice Hack

Sticky, squishy rice is the worst! Use good quality rice every time you cook, as well as our 3 top tips to make sure your rice is never sticky again.

  1. Always use the correct proportions: 1.5 parts water to 1 part rice white rice, by volume not weight. Or if you’re cooking cooking brown rice, use 2 parts water. Rice cooks by absorption, so too much liquid will make your rice overcooked and gluggy.
  2. Don’t stir while it’s cooking, if you stir hot rice, you break the grains and release the starches, making it sticky
  3. Fluff gently with a fork after it has finished steaming off the heat with the lid on.


Healthy Chicken Parma Hack

Pub food… tick! There is no better way to win a true blue aussie male’s heart than with a really good parmy. Only problem is, that it’s not always that healthy.  The schnitzel is deep fried, then covered with waaaaaaayyy too much cheese. In our healthier version of this pub classic, we use an air fryer and just a little spray oil to cook a crispy schnitty, and it’s covered with some really good basilico pasta sauce, and finally topped with parmesan. A little bit of strong flavoured cheese goes much further to make your meal delicious, compared to a tonne of flavourless light cheese. Cooking for 1 person has never been so delicious!


Vietnamese Shaking Pork Salad

We’re shaking things up in the kitchen this week, with a Vietnamese Shaking Pork salad. This Vietnamese classic is traditionally prepared with beef and white rice, but we’ve created a really healthy and tasty alternative for the whole family with pork and a quinoa & rice mix.

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