Episode 3: Meet Simon


Simon is a semi-professional food critic. His blog Simon Food Favourites keeps him busy attending restaurant openings, covering the quality of babychinos in cafes around sydney, and photographing every single piece of food he comes across.

Often his two girls, Olivia 2, and Isabelle 5, are his dates and also the harshest critics. They have been spoiled with great restaurant and cafe food over the years, so when Simon and his partner cook at home they often turn up their noses. It’s heartbreaking when parents slave over meals and they are left uneaten, and the worst part is seeing so much go to waste. The critic has become so criticised at home that he has stopped cooking. It’s made Simon be more empathetic to the feelings of chefs when he reviews them!

The kids tastes are hard to pick – Isabelle loves steak tartare but hates ham and anything green, but has recently started trying new things (she used to only eat hot chips). Olivia is a little more open minded, especially if you trick her. One thing that both kids agree on – they love pasta with butter and cheese, and they LOVE baking and sweets (what kid doesn’t?).

Simon and his partner really want to cook more nutritious food at home and stop relying on unhealthy takeaways, but because both of them work it’s just so hard to find the time to get organised in the kitchen, cook, and then clean up too.

Sammy and Bella to the rescue!

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  • Fussy kids, how to hide nutritious veggies in food
  • Kids learning how to cook, get excited about ingredients, and be engaged with the cooking process
  • Needs to have convenient food ready on hand, quick to prepare
  • Chocolate – kids are obsessed
  • High standards in food mean Simon and his family won’t settle for second best



We taught Simon AND the kids how to make some healthy and delicious recipes with loads of secret hidden vegetables. The kids were especially excited to make their own home made pastas using the Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker, and it’s so quick – they could make fresh pasta in just 15 minutes. The whole family loved our chocolate recipes… made wth the best quality Callebaut chocolate.

Spinach Pasta with Butter and Parmesan

Vegetable and Chicken Sausage Rolls

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Beetroot Handkerchief Pasta

Tempered Chocolate Bubblewrap Honeycomb

Healthier Veggie Chips


Simon’s kitchen is compact, so it’s not easy to fit everything for a family of 4. We used these easy to pull out organiser baskets to create extra cupboard space and group like with like for easy access in his pantry.

He also couldn’t use his oven, as it was being used as storage for pots and pans so we created extra shelving space in the tricky spot under the sink using this expandable shelf from Howards Storage World, freeing up space in the oven.

Check out these before and after shots:

A big thank you to our sponsors:


Howards Storage World











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