Salmon Risotto with Lemon Dill Pangrattato

We recently demonstrated this dish at The Kitchens, at Robina town centre on the Gold Coast. There’s lots of delicious fresh produce in the centre, so we couldn’t help but share one of our favourite seafood dishes with all the locals.

One of the biggest lessons that we can learn from authentic Italian cooking is to cook risotto wet. It should be the texture of a thick soup, so that when you serve it on a plate (NOT a bowl) you can tap it on the bench top, and the whole mix should spread flat on the plate. Most people outside of Italy cook it too long and too dry – no one wants a thick squishy plate of gloop! You want the rice to be cooked al dente, so there’s just a little bit of bite to each granule of rice. The best rice to use is carnaroli – it holds its shape much better than Arborio.

Pangrattato simply means crispy fried breadcrumbs. Although its not a traditional topping for risotto, I just love the crunchy texture it adds to this dish.


Cacio e Pepe: Cheese & Pepper Pasta

You’ve probably seen this creamy cheesy pasta popping up in your social media new feeds if you follow any chefs or foodies. Its having a bit of a moment really, chef David Chang from Momofuku, Bon Appetite magazine and yours truly, are all obsessed with this super easy, delicious pasta that takes less then 10 minutes to make.

Everyone loves a quick recipe but for chefs or cooks in particular, when you’ve finished a long day standing over a hot stove or chopping board, you want something that’s going to satisfy your tastebuds with minimal effort. The parmesan cheese, which has to be freshly grated, is high in natural msg, which means not matter what its going to taste GOOOOOD!

So jump on the foodie band wagon, make this pasta at home, and take a video of the sumptuous sauce and upload it to your social networks and make all your friends drool. This is one foodie craze Id be happy to keep.

*See our tip below on how to make this pasta even better!

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