Deep Dish Dark Chocolate Cookie

Food trends… it’s hard to keep up! Every year there’s something new that the hipsters of the world are obsessing over, from freak shakes to matcha to unicorns. Our favourite food trend coming up is the deep dish cookie.

May and Maha, our guinea pigs from Episode 6, are inner city sisters with a taste for anything instragammable. They love to cook up treats and sit on the couch in their pyjamas with flatmates and watch 80’s movies.

This recipe is designed for all part time couch potatoes! The deep dish cookie is made with the best quality dark chocolate: we love using Callebaut chocolate – it’s the best quality Belgian chocolate that all the top chefs and patissierres use.

The super high concentration of cacao makes the callets (kind of like easy melt choc chips) quite bitter, and it balances the richness and sweetness of the cookie, making this a perfect adults treat. Plus, dark chocolate is an antioxidant powerhouse, so there’s no need to feel too guilty about treating yourself 🙂

Watch us teach May and Maha this recipe on Episode 6 of Kitchen Rescue on TenPlay

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