Blue Cheese Buffalo Wings

If dude food is your thing, then chances are you LOVE chicken wings! They’re a pub classic, but we’ve got a home made version that’s much healthier.

They’re cooked in an air fryer instead of a deep fryer, which makes great tasting fried food with up to 80% less fat. The turbo star fan system rotates the hot air, giving an even crispiness that you could never get in an oven… and once they’re cooked you’ll see just how much fat drips off the wings into the bottom of the tray.

The blue cheese gives a great flavour punch to the sauce, which is made with yoghurt, a healthier alternative to mayonnaise.

Black and Blue Cheeseburger

Black n Blue isn’t just the colour of your body after an amateur MMA fight – it’s a super delicious burger from the deep south of America. Blackened spice is a blend that was invented in New Orleans to go with fish, but it’s absolutely delish on any meat – the trick is dry rub the meat and fry in butter, to get that smokey burnt spice & brown butter flavour.

This recipe makes extra, keep the spice mix in a labelled airtight jar in the fridge.

By adding a slice of Burger Blue cheese you can pimp out this classic burger for the perfect dude food dinner… why not invite your mates around to watch the footy?


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