Iraqi Lamb Meatball Biryani

May and Maha come from an Indian and Iraqi background – and this recipe is a fusion of the two cultures, just like them! It’s a biryani, but with a persian/pilaf style twist.

People of Indian heritage have long been living in the middle east, and brought many dishes with them, including the biryani which is closely related to a pilaf. It’s based on rice, and you absolutely must use Sunrice basmati in this recipe – for its incredible fragrance and long slender grains that never stick together. Basmati is perfect for Indian as well as middle eastern cooking, and works brilliantly as a side, in biryanis and pilafs, and for stuffing vegetables.

With their background, it’s no surprise that May and Maha are rice lovers, it’s what their mum cooked every single day and really brings up a sense of comfort and nostalgia for real home made food. The trouble is, their mums recipes just take too long! Because of this May and Maha have avoided cooking recipes from their heritage in the past – but we are here to show them that with a few shortcuts and tricks, they can get the taste of their childhood in their own home.

The first trick is to use one pot – by cooking everything together there is hardly any washing up. Secondly, we are officially giving all our readers permission to use store bought sausages instead of making their own meatballs. And thirdly, even though tgheir mum always taught them to wash their rice, it’s not even necessary with Sunrice Basmati rice – it’s very fluffy and won’t stick together.

And don’t forget that it’s important to keep a plethora of spices in your cupboard so you can make middle eastern and indian dishes any time – we picked up a bunch from Hoyts at the supermarket.

Watch us teach May and Maha this recipe on Episode 6 of Kitchen Rescue on TenPlay

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