How to Make Chocolate Ganache


  • Chocolate truffles, or to pipe (once cooled), use 2 parts chocolate to 1 part thickened cream
  • For a glaze, or warm fondue use 1:1
  • For a whipped ganache, use 1 part chocolate to 2 parts cream
  • Or somewhere in between!


  • Always pour hot, but not boiling cream onto chocolate. Never put chocolate into the hot cream pot, as it could be too hot and seize
  • Always use full fat cream, the lower fat cream doesn’t have enough fat to bind the two ingredients and it will end up splitting
  • Use callets, easy to melt and you don’t need to chop anything. Just pour, let sit for a minute or so and stir gently until melted.
  • Ganache has different textures depending on the ratio of cream to chcolate
  • Texture is also different depending on the temperature, warms vs room temperature vs refrigerated, so think about how you will serve the final dish
  • Use ganache on any everyday dessert to jazz it up, good enough for a chef! Poured over ice cream is one of our favourites.
  • Always us the best quality chocolate – we LOVE Callebaut from Belgium, plus it comes in “callet” shapes which are so easy to melt for a ganache
How to Make Chocolate Ganache


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