Cheat’s Hollandaise

Aussies are obsessed with cafe breakfasts, and everyone’s all time favourite is eggs benedict – with rich velvety French hollandaise sauce.

Making hollandaise the traditional way can be quite tricky, you need a double boiler (bain marie) and a fair bit of skill and patience, as it runs the risk of splitting or curdling easily. Our method is reasonably fool-proof, essentially we make the sauce like you would a mayonnaise, except hot.

The basis of this sauce is indeed butter, so make sure you use the best quality you can buy – we love Lurpak. It’s a cultured butter, so it bursts with flavour, and it’s made from fantastic quality cream. You can’t beat the taste of real butter in this sauce!

To make life easier, we recommend using the Philips Pro Mix hand blender with whisk attachment – it does all the hard work for you.

Watch us teach Vanessa and Greg this recipe on Episode 4 of Kitchen Rescue on TenPlay

Cheat’s Hollandaise


Cooked in15 minutes



• 200g Lurpak unsalted butter
• 2 free range egg yolks
• Pinch of Maldon salt and white pepper
• 1 tsp lemon juice
• 40ml hot water


1. Melt Lurpak butter in a pan, without letting it get too hot, it should be warm but not bubbling
2. Place egg yolks, lemon juice and a pinch of Maldon salt and white pepper in the Phillips Pro Mix beaker and using the whisk attachment, whisk until smooth.
3. While continually whisking, slowly pour in the hot butter in a steady stream, as though you were making a mayonnaise, ensuring the mix is well emulsified before you add any more melted butter.
4. Once melted butter is emulsified, add hot water slowly and whisk until smooth.
5. Serve warm immediately.

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