Episode 6: Meet May and Maha


These are two very sassy inner city sisters! May and Maha are always staying up to date with trends, from fashion to food, and everything in between.  Being in their 20’s the girls are all over social media, and love posting pics of their food creations at home. So we teach them a super trendy doughnut hack that only takes 10 minutes.

They live with 3 other flatmates so we teach them to make some fantastic one pot wonder dishes that are easy to prepare for large numbers of hungry flatmates when it’s their turn to cook. Plus, there’s less washing up, which the girls HATE!

They both work in creative industries and love experimenting with new and exciting dishes. Luckily, they live in the inner city, where they can dine at a huge number of hole-in-the wall restaurants with interesting global cuisines, such as Nepalese, Kenyan or even Peruvian. We teach the girls to save money by cooking at home instead of getting takeaway, with some simple and delish recipes from around the world, including Mexico, Thailand, and Cuba.

One thing’s for sure – they LOVE rice. Growing up with an Indian/Iraqi background, their mum cooked rice every day, and she was an expert! The girls love the flavours of their mums cooking, but find that it just takes too long to make, given their busy lives. So we are going to show them a biryani dish with a few shortcuts that hopefully their mum won’t notice.

More than anything, the girls love spending time with each other on the couch watching cheesy 80’s movies with a chocolaty treat, so we teach them an indulgent deep dish cookie recipe that’s as tasty as it is comforting.

Sammy and Bella to the rescue!

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– Love cooking one pot wonders, so there’s less cleaning up

Rice lovers – grew up eating it every day with mums cooking

– Young, sassy, and always keep up with instagram food trends

– Like experimenting with new and interesting global cuisines

– Enjoy a chocolate treat once every so often, love eating sweets while watching TV in pyjamas


How to make Chocolate Ganache

Thai Coconut Rice

Cuban Chicken and Rice with Mojo Sauce

Deep Dish Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

Iraqi Lamb Meatball Biryani

Salted Chocolate Doughnuts

Mexican Red Rice Arroz Rojo


May and Maha’s kitchen is a challenge. Each flatmate has their own cupboard, so it’s hard to squish in all your favourite ingredients to just one space, and keep it organised.

The tiny cupboard they share is stuffed full of food, some of it old and outdated because it was hiding in the back and they forgot it was even in there! We organised their food into the “marie” organiser baskets – they’re clear so you can see exactly what’s inside. The “expand-a-shelf” is also great for tiering jars and tins, so it’s easier to see what’s in the back.

Every kitchen needs utensils, and it’s a great idea to keep a utensils jar with the most commonly used items next to the stove top. Spices and cooking oils should also be right next to the stove top, so we swapped their cupboard around to make their work flow more efficient.

And because the girls are so stylish, we bought them these gorgeous vintage look storage jars from Kilner to decorate their benches – and remind them to cook more at home. Remember, out of sight equals out of mind!

Plus, to keep their rice free from bugs and pests, we’ve given them a range of contemporary and easily stackable “Rosti Mepal” storers.

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Episode 6: Meet May and Maha

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