Episode 5: meet Kimberley and Jonathan


Kimberley works part time, but she’s also a full time mum – which means she is very time poor! Her husband Jonathan works very long hours too, so finding the time to sit down to dinner as a family is not always easy, especially with 2 kids under 5.

One of their children has a health condition that gives him reactions to gluten and any artificial additives in his food. So Kimberley and Jonathan need to be careful about using any pre-made foods in their cooking, just in case it contains nasties.

As a general rule, the kids aren’t fussy eaters – in fact they even eat chillies and curry! Jonathan’s background is Indian-Malaysian so the family loves spicy food. But, like most families in Australia, their favourite cuisine is Italian. Italian food tends to be more simple to cook, and Kimberley avoids making curries in her slow cooker because they just take so long. There’s a running joke in their family – that Jonathan is a big fussy kid! He loves meat, and Kimberley is trying to coax him into eating more veggies.

Because Jonathan works such long hours, the family is looking for recipes which reheat easily, and can be made in bulk – Jonathan loves taking leftovers to work the next day. Especially curries, as they tend to get tastier as the days go on.

Sammy and Bella to the rescue!

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  • Dad loves indian food, but mum finds that it takes too long, needs to be quick
  • Whole family loves Italian food, who doesn’t?
  • Dad is fussy needs to be coaxed into eating less meat, mum wants to eat more vegetarian
  • One of the kids is gluten free and tends to have allergies to food additives
  • Often cook food and kids won’t eat it, so they want solutions for leftovers, esp as dad loves taking leftovers to work
  • Loves slow cooking, but finds it takes too long for their busy lifestyles


Risotto with Pesto Genovese

Pressure cooker lamb shank curry

Kitchari, Indian fried rice

Rescue leftover rice by making Arancini

Hack: don’t heat pesto or it will split, use it in salad dressing instead

Hack: 5 minute dinner with rescue leftovers


Kimberley loves cooking, so there’s no shortage of fantastic ingredients in her pantry and fridge. The main thing she’s short on is: Space. Their cupboards are so crammed!

We grouped like with like in their pantry, and organised their TONNES of spices into these fantastic pull out drawers. They are on little wheels, so they pull out easily and provide easy access to lots of small things – like spices. This ensures nothing ever gets lost in the back of the pantry.

Although their kitchen is almost newly renovated, the cupboards don’t go all the way up to the ceiling. This means there is lots of “dead space” above. We moved items which they rarely use, such as baking goods, and popped them up the top. We used the Aamina easy access storers from Howards Storage World because they are perfectly modular and stack neatly – plus the handle on the side makes it easy to pull down from high places.

Their fridge was so packed with leftovers, that things got lost and went rotten in the back. A great fridge solution is these perforated storage baskets with handles – they allow air to circulate in the fridge, while acting as an easy to pull out organiser.

Check out our before and after shots here:

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Episode 5: meet Kimberley and Jonathan

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