Episode 4: Meet Vanessa and Greg


This newlywed couple moved in together a while ago, and fitting all Vanessa’s kitchen items into Greg’s tiny kitchen was not easy. She loves to cook, so she has a lot of equipment and food products up her sleeve, so now they are overflowing from whatever cupboard she could squeeze them into. They are saving to buy their very own home, so they have to put up with the tiny kitchen space for a little while longer.

Vanessa is a teacher and from a French background, so her love of food is definitely in the blood. Her mum is an excellent cook and Vanessa has fond memories of her childhood, eating really good, proper French food made from scratch. Her favourite french food is bread and butter (ooooohhhhh French bread!). However, Vanessa doesn’t eat meat so she can’t eat many of the recipes her mum used to cook.

Conversely lifeguard turned firefighter Greg is a bit of a stereotypical male – he LOVES meat of any kind, and says dinner just doesn’t feel right without it. He also doesn’t eat seafood and is gluten free.

As you can imagine, the loved up couple just can’t seem to find common ground, and dinner time is often wrought with debate: What are we going to eat!?

Vanessa is the cook in the household, but as they both work full time she would like Greg to take on more responsibility in the kitchen. They also want recipes which re-heat easily, so they can take them to work for lunch the next day, or Greg can eat at odd hours when he comes home from night shifts.

Sammy and Bella to the rescue!

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    • Saving money so living in a small apartment, with a tiny kitchen.
    • Love french food, but want to make it quick and easy.
    • She is pescatarian and he loves meat and is gluten free, find it hard to find common dishes
    • He doesn’t cook, so looking to inspire Greg to get in the kitchen and cook for her more
    • Meals need to re-heat easily


Francophile Vanessa fell in love with the cassoulet, flavoured butter and hollandaise recipes we taught her, they tasted just like home!

We also gifted them a Philips Premium All in One, which is perfectly compact for their tiny kitchen and is fab for creating those one pot wonder dishes (the cassoulet and wet rice), and is a special treat for novice cook Greg – the machine is easy to use for fool-proof cooking, and he can prepare his favourite slow cooked meats too.

But most importantly, we developed a series of dishes which are a vegetarian base – to which Vanessa and Greg can each add their chosen protein (meat or seafood). After all, couples who eat together stay together! We hope that we’ve inspired them to enjoy cooking and eating together, so they can set up their new family with proper food values.

Spanish wet rice

How to soften butter quickly

Vegetarian cassoulet

3 French flavoured butters

Slow cooked pulled meats

Cheat’s hollandaise


Vanessa and Greg’s kitchen was very mixed up – you can tell that she squeezed in her kitchen wraes and food into any crevice she could find in Greg’s place. There was food in the wardrobe, and personal items in the pantry. They really needed an organisational overhaul!

One of the coolest storage solutions we found was step level organiser for her top shelf – even though she’s not that tall, she can now easily spot her tinned goods in the pantry.

Vanessa and Greg are quite stylish, so it was important to give them a pantry makeover which looked good. These stunning storage jars were perfect for keeping all her grains, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses fresh and pest free, and easy to see in glass.

We grouped like with like in these pull out organisers, and kept their lids and pans neat with this rack.

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Episode 4: Meet Vanessa and Greg

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