About Us

Sammy and Bella Jakubiak are a dynamic sister duo whose love for home cooking began with the strong food culture of their Polish heritage and after winning My Kitchen Rules, this evolved into a successful career. 
Today they present Sammy & Bella’s Kitchen Rescue on Network TEN where their mission is to help everyday Australians overhaul their recipes and rescue their disorganised kitchens.
The average Australian family cycles through a repertoire of seven tried and true recipes over and over again.  When they do venture out to try new dishes, the result is often a pantry full of once-used ingredients that they don’t know what else to do with.
Sammy and Bella’s Kitchen Rescue is all about making sitting down for dinner exciting, but not intimidating, for the average Australian by creating a bespoke repertoire of dishes that are on-trend, that can be changed up according to mood and importantly and that can be returned to again and again.
Forget those intimidating reality show recipes that make you want to hit speed dial for take away, Kitchen Rescue is about real cooking for real Australians.
Sammy & Bella’s simple but clever hacks will take your cooking skills to the next level. So if you’re looking to save time, minimise effort and generally make your life easier - you’ll all love these creative tips and solutions.
It’s not just the recipes that need renovating - this total kitchen rehab will see new appliances bought, new organizational tips implemented, hacks for a more efficient kitchen, and quintessential skills that every home cook needs.
In each episode of Kitchen Rescue we meet a new guest in need of a makeover. Follow Sammy & Bella as they share fast and easy recipes, handy kitchen hacks and get down to business rearranging and rescuing kitchens around Australia.
My Kitchen Rules Winners Sammy and Bella